On February 28, 2020, my wife and I attended a program by the comedian Jeannie Roberson. It was funny and enjoyable.

We told each other we needed to do more of that.

Then, life changed. COVID ramped up, and plans got put on hold. We learned to do grocery pickup and how to adapt to shortages. I learned Zoom and to make internet videos on the fly.

We stand at a threshold (the meaning of the word January), looking to a new year. For most, they drag all kinds of expectations that border on fantasy.

All will be 20 pounds lighter, thousands of dollars richer, and years younger in the new year. Life is going to get better.

I have lived by a single statement for many years.

Wait a year, and it will be different.

Notice what that does not say. It doesn’t say it will be better not does it say life will become worse.

Only different.

People will die and babies will be born. Jobs will change and people will retire. Sickness and healing all come in the same year.

No matter what is true now, it will be different in a year.

A year ago, life looked different than it does today. In the past year, I have conducted a wedding and ten funerals. I expected none of them and controlled none of them.

Solomon observed,

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

The Greeks drew a fuzzy line about time. Some time was chronos time. Chronos turns calendar pages, watches the second hand race around the clock face, and paces when late.

But they had another kind of time, kairos. It was the “season.” Kairos bought no calendar, carried no pocket watch, and did not care about late or early. Instead, it looked at the clouds and felt the wind’s direction.

Chronos was about precise time, while kairos was about the right time. Babies are born in kairos time, not chronos time.

And the truth is life is more about the season than the second. Life happens at its pace. God opens and closes doors at his will, not at our convenience.

We will never know the season until we are in it. And then, it will change as the leaf falls in November.

If you don’t like life now, wait a year. It will be different.

Live your life as it comes, not as you want it. Learn to adapt. Cool your anger when you don’t get what you want. God will give you what you need.

Now, the new year beckons but don’t get too comfortable. Next year, it will be different.