Eyes of the Hopeless

Recently, Grace McIntyre, Judy Kyker, and I touched down in Dallas to end our annual medical mission trip to Nicaragua. The trip went well but we are glad to be home.

In Nicaragua, you see things you hope you will never see. I saw:

  • Four children (the oldest was eleven) who had been abandoned to the streets by their parents.
  • A 12 year old girl who will deliver a baby before spring.
  • A 14 year old girl teetering on high heels trying to look grown up while she was holding her 18 month ol baby.
  • A man who was holding his 23 year old son stricken with cerebral palsy who had no other medical care than Christian doctors at a medical
  • clinic held once a year.
  • A multitude of children afflicted with Type 2 diabetes from a poor diet.
  • Dozens of people whose eyes betrayed they had no hope.


But with the problems come opportunities. Our breakfast program does make a difference. Our support for the clinic at Rene Polonco at least provides a step up from nothing. Out of these contacts, some are baptized. The glasses and toothbrushes in addition to the thousands of dollars contributed by members of the Waterview Church of Christ touch real people with real needs.

When I return, I have but two thoughts.

There but for the grace of God go I. 

There, because of the grace of God, I go.