Our granddaughter (who is about 9 months old) has found her temper, especially when put in a car seat). She bows her back and expresses great displeasure through crocodile tears and ear-splitting screams. Once in the seat, she’s just fine.

Part of growing up is learning independence. Part of growing mature is learning adaptability.

I have thrown my share of fits in my life (which I hope is in the past). Few are hills to die on or battles worth fighting.

Someone has observed, “blessed are the flexible for they will never be bent out of shape.” Sometimes, schedules change. Lines grow long (and frustrating). Lanes of traffic get closed. Doctors run late. Reservations get cancelled.

You can decide to flex you anger. Seldom will it help. The only person it will truly hurt is you. Stress and residual rage are acidic to the soul.

Instead, prepare now for things that will upset your applecart. (Or as has been said, “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.”0

Ask, “what difference does it make?” Most things don’t. If you look backward, few irritants have long-term impacts.

Ask, “how can I still accomplish my goals?” The proverb says, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Find that way and you will be happy. Does something need to be reschedule? Do details need to altered (time or place)? Is there an alternate route?

Ask, “what’s the blessing in this?” If you find yourself stuck in a waiting room, use the time to think, meditate or pray. If you complain you just don’t have the time, the Lord may be providing the moment. Don’t fume through it.

No one can stop interruptions in life, but you can decide on your response. By the way, if you haven’t figured out the title of this post, the answer is “never.”