American culture is bathed in two words–easy and instant. Technology gives us faster speeds and greater impatience. In addition, it has to be “user-friendly.” We want to use things not learn to use them.

You can earn $10,000 a week working out of your home for 5 hours a week. A pill will shed the pounds, tighten the muscles, and turn heads.

Dave Ramsey, the financial consultant and radio personality, noticed this trend and penned what he calls “the momentum theorem.”

Focused intensity over time, 

multiplied by God, 

creates unstoppable momentum.

Spiritual strength stands on three pillars.

Focus. Jesus said, “seek first…and all these other things will be added.” When your heart is welded to an idea, it drives a life like a jet engine. Do you want to live for Jesus more than anything else?

Time. Living for the Master doesn’t take time–it takes a lifetime. Through the hills and valleys the faithful follow. We enjoy the mountaintop experiences of life but endure through the shadow of the valley experiences as well. The Master counseled, “be faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of life.” Christianity is not instant oatmeal.

God. Benjamin Disraeli observed, “He is a self-made man, very much in love with his creator.” People with great talent fall as carrion on eternity’s highway. Yet , when you let God work, it does more than you can do. Remember “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” .

While Ramsey conceived the theorem, Jesus created the reality.

Too many people are waiting for “one day” when their life will take off. Daily living in the presence of God changes “one day” to “the day.”