One writer suggested of bloggers to ask a central question. “Why do you want to write a blog?”

It’s a good question! Writing looks great–from a distance. But writing is hard work. Ideas are a will ‘o the wisp, flitting across the mind until gone. The daily pressures steal all the good intentions from the heart.

So I decided to return to that question. “Why write a blog (or write in general)?”

As I stepped back to the neutral corner to interview myself, here’s my answers.

I write to refine my own thinking. Ideas are like a cattle stamped. They leave a lot of mental tracks but lack direction. I want to take ideas, distill them, examine them, organize them. Without that deliberate process, ideas are the grapes that never become wine. As Francis Bacon observed, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.”

I want to leave what I learn for others. I realize that life’s wick gets extinguished in everyone. I participate in a fair number of funerals. When I leave cemeteries, I lament that I wish I had known more about how that person thought while alive. I decided to pour out my head. Perhaps my grandchildren will know more about me, my life, my passions, and what I discovered. A legacy of knowledge lasts longer than quickly squandered inheritances.

I want to explore new things. It’s easy to become mentally lazy. Writing has a sharp edge of demand to it. If you write, you have to find something about which to write. While some write about their breakfast cereal, I want to expand my horizons. This blog concentrates flabby energies into mental muscle.

So the words keep flowing, not because I have nothing to do but because I have something more important to say. What’s your reasons for writing…or not writing?